Filming Locations:

Where-oh-where has my little film crew gone??

To Dallas and Fort Worth to make Logan's Run.

By J. Taylor-Coyle

Much of the 1975 MGM movie "Logan's Run" was filmed in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. These places are still there today and you can stop by and recreate some of the key scenes yourself. But I'd recommend you recreate them only within the sanctuary of your mind. The local police might not look favorably upon a dive into the water seeking the underwater entrance to the City (of Domes).

As we arrived in Dallas via Interstate 20, we could see Sandman Headquarters from the freeway. This building is Zale International Headquarters, an austere golden-faced building with overhangs.

The gold-facing or tinted windows caused a few problems for the filmmakers. When the film returned from processing in Hollywood, someone pointed that the windows were reflecting the clouds, clouds you would not see in a domed city. The result was that the clouds were painted out to fix this technical problem.

Weather blooper: in the scene with the Sandmen outside this building, a puff of breeze moves Logan's hair. Clouds are not the only weather phenomenon not present in a domed city.

Next stop was the Dallas Market Center Apparel Mart, where we talked our way into seeing their main hall. Once inside, we knew right away we were in the "Great Hall". Over there was where the giant palm flower fastened to the wall. These balconies were where Logan and Francis chased the first Runner around and up the inside of this large hall several stories high before finally getting him. Chase blooper: the film editing is a little choppy here as it seems the chase starts on the ground floor and only seems to go up one story but when Francis shots the Runner he falls from about seven stories up, a long protracted fall.

It was surreal to be standing there. I could almost hear the menacing whisper of "Runner".

Our next stop was in Fort Worth where we were able to find the Ft. Worth Water Gardens. Logan and Jessica swam down the intake pipes to re-enter the City.
As before, with a little imagination, you can feel the drama of the movie all around you and that the people there in the park are the Citizens finding their way into their brave new world at least, for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, we did not have the time to look up any more of these sites for we were on our way to a convention so we bid Texas good-bye and hoped to return there someday to seek out the other places that had stood in for a City of the 23rd century.

We have heard that many of those places have changed since the filming and that what once was so new and futuristic is now old and possibly gone now.
If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth or plan a pilgrimage there you might want to look up the following places and report back to us what you find.

We will run your reports here in a follow-up.

Here are most of the filming locations of "Logan's Run":

1. The Dallas Market Center Apparel Mart (Great Hall)

2. The Oz Restaurant/Nightclub in Dallas (The Love Shop)

3. Zales' International Headquarters (Sandman Headquarters)

4. Arlington Health Center (Sandman gym)

5. The Burton Park Building (Living units)

6. The Ft. Worth Water Gardens (Hydro-galvanic power system)

7. The World Trade Mart (various city concourses)

So until you start Blinking Red...

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