Blade Runner part two.

The quest to find real props that were used in this film has only turned up copies of the rubber stunt props. My best guess is that there were only a few props made for use in this film.

The count of what can be seen within the film would be, one) The Olive Drab blank firing stunt gun used early in the film, and the "Hero" black, silver and amber model seen in the chase scene, and last the pure black rubber stunt prop in the hand thought the wall scene.

From the rubber stunt props we have discovered several reproductions that have been made using molds made from these rubber dummies.

We also have discovered that there been a several attempts to model this prop from studies based on photographs and views of the film. Oz shops of Japan has apparently made at leased two to three attempts to produce a model.


Working from freeze frames and stills from the film have led to some very interesting interpretations of what the detail of the ammo clip looks like.

I have cut and pasted a few of the underside of these models' ammo clips for you to look at and enjoy.

I've also included photographs of one of the best cleaned up and detailed versions of the hard cast copys of the stunt prop.


And Last but not lease, a extra photograph. This shot was taken when I was working at Modern Props.

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