Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Props -- Page 2

Landing team electronic binoculars
McCoy's version from the opening of the movie

Spock's Rocket Boots Belt

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Ray Generator

This is a slightly newer version of a classic Trek all purpose tool, it was seen many times in the 2nd and 3rd seasons, most famously held by Mr. Spock in "Metamorphosis".
Greg Jein asked RAC Props to build a new version of the prop for ST:V.
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Captain's Electronic Log

This is a case of a ton of work for a cheap gag…
This was carved out of three 2-inch bricks of aluminum!!
Three bricks and some monster work went into carving this out…I wish I could claim it and sadly I do not even know the name of this unsung hero of milling. It is mind blowing work.
I built the LED displays, the Winky Blinkys, and fit them in.
And another guy at Greg Jein’s shop rigged the air driven pop out panels.

All for a cheap gag of Captain Kirk trying to do a log entry and have it malfunction and go pop.
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Other Props
Medical bed life support switch
Scotty's power wrench

Unused engineering tools (derived from previous Star Trek IV props)
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