NOTE: Please understand that this is a work in progress. Props are often a group effort and in many cases I'm not the only person involved in their production. I'm going through and adding comments and giving credit as I have time. -- Rich

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Props

Richard shows off some of the props for Star Trek V


Clear Plexiglass which will be wired to light up the antenna grill Standard non-working models (used again in Star Trek VI)
For more see the Movie Communicators article from issue 4

Assault Phasers (used again in Star Trek VI)

Greg Jein mastered and made the Assault Phaser, Ed Merecki was hired to make the machined metal parts and I was hired to build the lighting system with the working trigger.

Click the images above for larger versions

A look at the small phaser 1 on the workbench


"...hold your horse captain I'm scanning."

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