Classic Tricorders

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Next to the TV screen were three knobs with the three blue rhinestones above them, and above that was a small square speaker/microphone  grill.  Below the hood was the middle small door.  Behind it was the scanner disk and display next to the data disks.  On the original design, these were to be removable like small CDs.  There was one special geologist model that had a white square light in place of the scanner, and this model could be set on alarm scan.


The bottom or “big door” was never really opened to our view, although Doctor McCoy's  did contain his famous little Medical Scanner.  This never-seen, never-used bottom door did serve a purpose, though.  For example, Leonard Nimoy would use his tricorder's bottom door to hide his Tootsie Roll Pop.  Some even seem to still have a sticky one still awaiting his return.  


One model I have seen (which I am not completely certain was on the original show, for most details are right on, but others off) was a leatherette covers model.  It had a straight cut hood, unlike the notched hood common to the standard models, and the fit and trim were the best I have seen.  In fact, if it were not for the odd details, I would have said we are looking at a front line "Hero" Model. The oddest detail was the use of three round headed sewing pins in place of the three rhinestones and train wheels for washer bases.  In addition, these three pins are red, yellow, and dark blue.  The speaker grill on this interesting piece is not the normal metal grill, but a piece of cloth.

At Conventions I often called it the "Seamstress Model"

Star Trek created the idea of the hand held scientific scanner/sensor instrument that could analyze just about anything and give information, this concept has become a staple of science fiction and in the real world they are working on them, there was a real tricorder made for a short while that could do some real world sensing, see the degree of light, read temperature, read electromagnetic impulses and other functions.

So the day of one that could really do what the Tricorder did in Trek may not be too far in our future.


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