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I had also hoped to make the Blaster holster and a FP rifle, as well as all the hardware that went with it -- like the com link with the built in TV camera.   Ultimately, I thought I would one day recreate the complete custom uniform and all the hardware, and, if fortune really came my way, someday to own my own Robby.  Alas, so many plans, so little time…  So far all I have are the many stills I have collected for that “someday” work.  In the pages that follow I thought I would share some of these photos with you. 




One of the things I have been able to obtain are many great behind-the-scenes shots taken during the making of the film.  These are rare and odd stills, possibly for the MGM Publicity Department.  One looks like Altaira (Anne Francis) is getting her hair blow-dried by Robby; but a closer look and you see a Blaster with a straight tube or rod in place of the tip.  Man, if he were to pick up the wrong gun…well, let’s just say her head would really be blown!


Here is one with Anne Francis on Robby's car by herself.





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