The Classic Star Trek Klingon Disruptor

By Richard A. Coyle

(Note: these are real TV props.)

The Klingon disruptor started life as an Eminiar Sonic Disruptor in Episode  23, "A Taste of  Armageddon.”  Later, with the introduction of the Klingons in Episode 26, "Errand of Mercy," there was a need for a new hand weapon, and as the producers had no plans to return to Eminiar VII, they had the propmakers redress the sonic weapons with new tips and a housing on top with a scope.  And so the Klingon disruptor was born.


Right View


Top View


Bottom View


Close-Up of Handle, Bottom


Close-up Handle left side.


Muzzle Left side.


Muzzle from Front, (note this is model number three)


A different model from the others.


Last, the "Snap Action" Holster.


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